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Ironworkers Local 721 (Rodmen) Pension Plan

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The Plan was set up on May 1, 1966 to provide retirement benefits for members represented by the International Association of Bridge, Structural, Ornamental and Reinforcing Ironworkers, Local Union 721 (Rodmen's Section) (the "Union"). The Plan is managed by a joint Board of Trustees where Union and Employers are equally represented. The Trustees are responsible for the overall operation of the plan. They serve without compensation.

The benefits and the operating expenses of the Plan are paid entirely by employer contributions and investment income. You do not make any contributions to the Plan and you do not bear the risk of investments. Employer contributions are deposited in a trust fund held by a trust company. The Trustees have hired professional investment managers to invest the Plan's assets.

Union Trustees

Employer Trustees

L. Barros

A. Dover

M. Dix

L. Gravelle

D. Mahoney

S. Costa


Plan Administrator

Ontario Ironworkers/Rodmen Benefit Plan Administrators Corporation

Michael Melvin, Managing Director


The Segal Company Ltd.


Darryl G. Sibley, C.A.


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